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CENA screws und nuts combine products and protect against tension.

In our standard product range we offer different types of screws with different head shapes such as hexagon head screws, countersunk head screws, slotted pan head screws, screws with slit- cross recess combination, ...
We offer all this screws in many lenghts and diameters.

In addition to that we provide different kinds of plastic nuts such as cap nuts, hexagon nuts, knurled nut, wing nuts, ... in common threads.

In complement we offer further products like flat washer and spacer.

Standard products can be supplied ex stock under usual reserve.
For special materials or colours we need approximately 3 - 4 working weeks.

Examples for special materials are glass-reinforced PA for a higher strenght, crystal clear PC for visible parts  also PP,  PVDF and PPS ti improve the chemical resisitance.

Threaded parts are our specialty. We even develop articles for your individual needs.

CENA standard products correspond to ROHS und REACH.

We reserve the right for technical changes concerning dimensions and materials of our products.